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Zambia’s High Cost of Living: A Driver of Gender Inequality
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The Nexus between Zambia's Debt Crisis and the Cost of Living by Alex Muyebe SJ
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Advocacy for Children's Rights
Every Child has the Right to PLAY
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REPORT: Empowering Rural Women and Youths: Breaking Barriers to CDF Access​

We’re thrilled to share insights from our latest study in collaboration with the Zambian Financial Sector Deepening (FSD Zambia).
Our research delved into the obstacles faced by women and youths in #Mansa and #Samfya districts in accessing Constituency Development Fund (CDF) loans and grants. Key challenges include: Low Financial Literacy, Limited Awareness of CDF Procedures, Low Literacy Levels Among Women and Youths, Scarcity of Application Forms, Insufficient Sensitisation Activities, Deficiencies in Project Proposal Development and Management Capacities.
These hurdles hinder the #CDF‘s objectives of poverty reduction and livelihood improvement in rural communities. Of particular concern is the poor quality of project proposals submitted by women and youths. To address these issues, our study suggests: Simplifying Application Forms, Investing in Capacity Building and Empowering Communities.
Let’s work together to break down barriers and create opportunities for all.

CSO Debt Alliance initiative Meeting - 3rd April

We’re thrilled to share a recap of the recent gathering hosted by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) at our headquarters as part of part of the CSO Debt Alliance initiative. The meeting provided a platform for insightful discussions on Zambia’s debt landscape and its socio-economic implications.

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